“When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

Declaration of Independence, adopted July 4, 1776.

The Dissolutionist has created this eponymous site as a forum for the articulation and discussion of the self-evident fact, repressed through ideology, fear, or simply force of habit, that the common culture that bound the people of United States of America for two centuries, a culture that introduced to mankind a previously unimaginable level of prosperity, scientific achievement, and freedom, has now been irretrievably lost to a grab-bag of leftist dogma and fulmination. For those of us who were inculcated with a deep appreciation of traditional American culture, and profound love of country, this realization is unquestioningly painful, but it can no longer be responsibly ignored.

For most traditional Americans, it is utterly incomprehensible that things could have unraveled so rapidly. While our nation state continues to refer to itself as the United States of America, it bears none of the defining characteristics of traditional American culture. The paradigmatic virtues enunciated by Benjamin Franklin, among others, have given way to interlocking social, economic, political, and cultural toxins such as an obsession with identity politics, the relativistic embrace of the grotesque, refusal to regulate the national border, open disdain for traditional Christianity, repudiation of bourgeois values, indifference to a common language, ruinously spendthrift fiscal policy, uncritical if not suicidal globalism, and the relentless policing and squelching of heterodox opinion. On a micro-level, this is enforced with doctrinaire pedagogy and petty authoritarianism; on a macro-level, through the centralization of federal power in direct contravention of the founding principles of the Republic.

All of this is utterly alien to those of us who grew up in America.

The Dissolutionist believes in the preeminence of culture. As the nation recedes into a bog of resentments, authoritarianism, and poverty, it should be obvious that the renunciation of a common American culture and reliance upon economic relationships for common bonds is an antinomy. In other words, a common American culture was the cause, not the effect, of widespread prosperity.

That is not to say that traditional American culture was without its various faults, including blatant hypocrisies and injustices large and small. But with that culture’s appreciation of self-reflection, fair play, and basic decency, there was enough play in the line to address these shortcomings. The problem arose when America’s laudable traits came to be weaponized by the Left, and our national story rewritten (albeit incoherently) to conform to the leftist political agenda.

As we gaze upon the wreckage of a great nation and civilization, we must do more than simply mourn or fall back upon platitudes. Periodically some political figure will evoke nostalgia for the culture, and nation, that have been taken from us. Though this is generally limited to self-serving sloganeering, even the most meager efforts at ending the leftist hegemony have proved doomed, largely stymied by a brainwashed establishment and a seditious administrative class. Further, as the demographic consequences of effectively unlimited immigration from the developing world become more stark, the window for peaceful and lawful dissolution is rapidly closing. Simply put, we will not be turning back the tide within the current political system, with its intentional demographic and socio-economic stacking of the deck. We may as well throw rocks at the moon.

While public discourse in this country took leave of its senses a long time ago, 2020’s Wuhan Virus goat rope manifests a collective insanity of an entirely different magnitude. Perhaps the most egregious cultural aspect is that the powers that be have deemed it unacceptable, even “inaccurate,” to identity the disease by its place of origin, namely Wuhan, China. Rather, we are instructed to use some bureaucratic nomenclature formulated by an international organization, headed up by the former Ethiopian health minister, that appears to take direction from Red China’s propaganda ministry. Lest China’s Communist Party take offense, many organs in our own “mainstream media” – ever so quick to conduct their various “fact checks” of disagreeable opinions – mendaciously describe the disease as having first “appeared” or “been documented” in China. Underlying this intentional misdirection is the fret among the Left that we may “stigmatize” the disgusting cultural practices that gave rise to the disease in the first place, namely (according to current understanding) the confinement, slaughter, and consumption of all means of animals in the cruel, filthy, and squalid conditions in some “wet market.” Thus, it is deemed unacceptable even to allude to the utterly barbaric practices which, coupled with the machinery of globalization, will result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, with untold economic hardship and misery visited upon countless more. Notably, the deranged party line about “stigmatizing” was quickly picked up on by another party – the Communist Party of China – which has unabashedly weighed in, parroting the leftist invocation of “racism” to a preconditioned audience.

Thus, the time has come to discuss the peaceful, lawful, and constitutional dissolution of an erstwhile proud and competent nation, with at least one successor state based on the values of traditional American culture. Our Constitution provides for two mechanisms to achieve this objective: amendment or a convention to create new political allegiances. With elections set for later this year, the Dissolutionist will be suggesting language for either approach, and will be soliciting contributions in the form of well-reasoned comments, articles and blog submissions. That said, there are some basic ground rules for contributions: among other things, the Dissolutionist will never advocate (or serve as a vehicle for) ethnic or religious hatred, extraneous advocacy for any particular political figure, or calls for imminent unlawful action.

Regardless, should the Dissolutionist site ever gain credence beyond a few hardened readers, it will doubtlessly be tarred with the long-reigning slur of the leftist vernacular: racism. It is pointless to attempt to refute this aspersion, particularly since the charge of “racism” packs as much meaning as the playground taunt that one’s mother wears army boots. That said, and so that all are clear on this point, while abjuring the notion that any particular race of people, or, for that matter, any person, is inherently superior to any other, the Dissolutionist believes as undeniable that European-American culture laid the groundwork for a vastly superior method of social and economic organization. Moreover, the maintenance, elevation, and love of one’s own culture is a basic human need and right.

For the foreseeable future, the Dissolutionist shall be anonymous. This falls squarely within the American tradition. Our founding fathers, in stark contrast to the “social justice warriors” that occupy the lofty posts of today’s intelligentsia (not to mention the lower depths of “social” media), well understood the value of anonymity in speech. They, too, faced an inherent risk of offending the sensibilities of a force of occupation. Accordingly, most of their agitations were published under pseudonyms. But today the authorship of nearly any heterodox utterance can be ferreted out, its author publicly vilified, harassed, ostracized, and permanently deprived of a meaningful livelihood. Simply put, the Dissolutionist cannot afford that.

It has now been nearly 250 years since our founding fathers mutually pledged to each other, “with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence,” their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. The Dissolutionist calls upon every reader to join in renewing that oath.

Jan Kezen, USA, April 24, 2020