May She Wave O’er Our Land Again

As we call to dissolve the political bonds of the United States of America, and to establish one or more new nation states from its vestiges, we must always recall the courage, wisdom, and intellect of our own Founding Fathers when they challenged a distant and powerful tyrant, suffered through the deprivation and anguish of war, and, upon victory, established a new and great republic with its attendant freedoms.

The Betsy Ross Flag is a symbol that is instantly recognizable to Americans. (And with that, we draw a conscious distinction to those who simply reside in this country in 2020, regardless of their purported nationality.) Every American schoolchild learned the apocryphal story of Betsy Ross, the Philadelphia seamstress called upon by General Washington to stitch together a flag for a new nation. The Betsy Ross Flag has long served as a symbol the establishment of a young republic on the principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence. No symbol better evokes the indomitable courage and sacrifice demanded of patriots in the War of Independence. Just a few months after the flag (or a variation) was adopted, General Washington’s army evacuated Philadelphia and began the incomprehensibly grueling 1777-78 winter encampment at Valley Forge.

While the Betsy Ross Flag is a cherished symbol for patriots, recalls our first independence movement, and serves as a reminder that the struggle for dissolution will be long and perilous, we should acknowledge the systematic effort by the Left to discredit and demonize our symbols as “racist.”

Among the innumerable peculiarities of this milieu is the way in which the “hate” industry’s professorial cosplayers – or its interns – surf the dark web and unearth the hidden “racist” connotations of utterly random symbols and expressions. Everything from the “OK” hand symbol, to an upward-pointing arrow, to anything expressing a viewpoint in opposition to Antifa or the “Black Lives Matter” agenda – all are smeared with the brush of “racism” or “white supremacy.” Without meaningful attribution, this hearsay is then breathlessly and uncritically reported by a prestige media that has never observed the fundamental conflict of interest in that the “hate” industry’s ceaseless fundraising appeals, in fact, its very existence, requires the persistence of widespread “hate” in need of being vanquished, thus according every motivation to shade, to exaggerate, and maybe even fib a little.

And so it is that the primary symbols of America’s heritage have come to be stigmatized as “racist” or emblems of slavery. In any rational society with an instinct for self-survival, the denunciation of the foundational national symbols is regarded as anti-social if not seditious. But in this free range lunatic asylum, it is established dogma.

In one of the more idiotic controversies of 2019, our Betsy Ross Flag was just so maligned. In that year, an unemployed mixed-race football player whose primary claim to fame is trading on his purported “victim” status to the glee of his racialist apostles denounced Nike’s planned use of the Betsy Ross Flag on a special edition sneaker as “offensive,” declaring our flag “tied to slavery.” What makes this episode particularly absurd is that, for immediately discontinuing the shoe, Nike was celebrated as an exemplar of social justice – yes, Nike, a company that, from the 1970s to the present day, has used child labor and sweatshops for the manufacture its shoes – i.e., modern slavery. As the Dissolutionist has stated elsewhere, do not look to Left for intellectual consistency.

Thus, while we display our banner with pride, and steadfastly define the Dissolutionist movement on our own terms, we must expect our principles to be distorted, our message to be willfully misinterpreted, and our very symbols to be defamed. But that enmity also serves as a motivating force.

Jan Kezen, USA, May 24, 2020 (minor rev. 6/1/20).