Why the Dissolutionist Needs Support.

Organizing a revolution is a tough gig for us “privileged” folk. To begin with, a guy has to dedicate a lot of time and effort just to holding down a day job, keeping the missus happy, and kitting up the kids for occasional playdates in the biohazard hot zone once known as the USA — all while evading the viciousness of Leftist “cancel culture.”

By comparison, Leftists seem to have it whole lot easier. First of all, aside from enjoying all the perquisites of the reigning class, they enjoy the luxury of demonstrating their revolutionary zeal with scruffy beards and sweat-drenched battle fatigues. The Dissolutionist, by contrast, is held to a standard of respectability, including pressed shirts, coiffed hair, and decent personal hygiene generally. Moreover, it is doubtful that Che Guevera ever had to deal with the maddening vagaries of WordPress or postpone a lusty UN harangue in order to replace a kitchen faucet or paint the porch of his jungle redoubt. Added to that is the sheer work maintaining a secret identity nowadays. (Seriously, how hard was it to simply swap “Ernesto” for “Che”?) That said, Dissolutionist grudgingly concedes that hiding out in the jungle and steering clear of the Bolivian army is easier said than done, but hey, it’s no picnic avoiding detection by the Silicon Valley global intelligence apparatus — not to mention that snoopy he/she/we/xhe broad in the “Inclusivity Department”, i.e., HR.

All jocularity aside, the Dissolutionist needs some help here, folks. In the smoldering wreckage of post-American USA, every heritage American needs to pitch in. There are many ways to contribute to the cause.

Petition Your State Legislators for a Constitutional Convention.

Article V of the Constitution requires a constitution convention once 2/3 of the state legislators (i.e., 34 of the current 50 states) call for a convention. To date, states have passed hundreds of resolutions calling for a convention. But the prevailing wisdom has been that only resolutions on the same subject may count for purposes of reaching the 2/3 threshold. The plain language of Article V imposes no such restriction. In fact, the Article clearly indicates that language in any state resolution calling for a convention of limited subject matter is invalid. (See our Independence Day 2020 post on this topic.) The Dissolutionist has prepared a simple resolution that, once passed by a single state legislature, will force the issue. Please download our resolution and mail it to your state legislators, requesting prompt adoption.

Spread the Word.

We need help to spread the word to like-minded patriots. Connect with the Dissolutionist via Twitter or Parler, and share Dissolutionist pages and posts via social media or email.

Use Our Symbol.

Our symbol is the Betsy Ross Flag. Use it for t-shirts, stickers, signs, or posts on other sites. Think of it as an “identification friend or foe” (IFF) beacon. When things get bad, we need to be able to find one another.

Submit Comments or Posts.

The Dissolutionist is working on incorporating a comment tool. Bear with us here.

The Dissolutionist also welcomes contributions of 500-1250 words for guest posts. Please follow the following guidelines:

  • Please stay consistent with the general themes on the home page.
  • Use a pseudonym.
  • Please have a “thoughtful” tone.
  • Please proof-read carefully.


Feel free to reach out via email to assist in editing, proof-reading, and working on the web site.

Donate Money (Some Time in the Future).

For now, the Dissolutionist’s financial needs are modest and covered by its founder. Accordingly, the Dissolution does not accept monetary contributions at this time. However, should the Dissolutionist movement build momentum, the site (and those behind it) will inevitably be targeted for destruction. We will really need help then.