“Diversity is Our Greatest Strength”

The USA has a unique and troubling capacity to be seduced by illogical and transparently false platitudes taken as gospel truth, then using those sophistries to create elaborate collective social fantasies. Few of these deceits is as insidious as the delusional catch-phrase “Diversity is Our Greatest Strength.” Among all sentient creatures, the race riots over the past few days should lay this slogan to rest once and for all.

The fires of racial resentment stoked by “progressive” politicians, a racialist media, a pedagogical cadre, and various and sundry “community organizers” cannot be controlled. Never in the Dissolutionist’s lifetime has there been such an outpouring of unabashed loathing and vitriol openly directed toward a particular ethnic group – and it is directed at whites. That is not a paranoid delusion; it is as plain as day. In Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, New York, Los Angeles, San Jose, Atlanta, and scores of other cities, we see that vast numbers of blacks, Latinos, and brainwashed “Antifa” types are absolutely seething with resentment and outright hatred for whites and “white America.”

It speaks volumes about USA 2020’s cultural morbidity that, lest they be accused of “racism,” the police forces charged with serving and protecting their communities have been cowed into flight while Gen Z iPhone auteurs stand shoulder-to-shoulder recording for YouTube posterity the burning of squad cars and looting of shops.

Any candid assessment 2020’s race riots must involve an acknowledgement that more than 50 years of “progressive” social programs of welfare and racial preferences, coupled with an increasingly shrill and totalitarian pedagogy of “victimization,” has been counterproductive to the objective of “domestic tranquility” called for by the Constitution. But this long ceased being a country of honest, reflective, or intelligent decision-making.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Perhaps. And a corollary is that permitting the élites in the country to engage in another 50 years of repetition if not amplification of insane race politics is the most appalling form of cowardice, and an outright betrayal of our forebears.

With self-flagellating “progressives” in the vanguard (naïve as to their ultimate disposability), and with Latino leaders now champing at the bit as an incipient class of “victims,” the nation faces a financially ruinous round of new welfare programs, supercharged with moral self-righteousness, and dressed up as a matter to “right” or “repayment” for untold injustices suffered at the hands of “white America.” This, after a decades-long effort, costing trillions of dollars, to attempt revival of areas wrecked by a failed experiment in ethnic master-planning (then called “desegregation”).

To any rational mind, there simply is no large-scale “injustice” to correct. Both formal and informal racial set-asides are everywhere. Every company large enough to have an HR department grotesquely trumpets its favoritism of minorities using the “diversity” codeword. In college admissions, progressive social engineers are continuously looking to new ways to put their thumbs on the scales for minorities unable to meet admission standards – most recently, with the phasing out of standardized tests that were introduced for the very purpose of adding greater objectivity to the process. Popular culture fetishizes “hip-hop” and urban/black culture to a perverse extreme and essentially prohibits any negative reference to minority groups. If one were to go by Hollywood movies, one would assume that all bank robbers and car thieves speak with English accents. And agitators (including the last president) even complain that incarceration should not be based upon criminal activity, but, apparently, on demography.

None of this matters. The German author Heinrich von Kleist once wrote (on a misinterpretation of Kant) that if men had green glasses rather than eyes, they would believe all objects to be green. So it is with racialists. Their “green glasses” are “race”; hence they see everything as “about race” and everything as a reflection of racial oppression.

For obvious reasons, racialists are not big on Occam’s razor. Instead, a cottage industry has developed for concocting ever more convoluted and far-fetched theories of how poverty and dysfunctionality within black society are entirely the fault of exploitation by “white America” that must now be rectified, as a matter of right, through expropriation. As in Zimbabwe. And so we have legislatures in states such as Vermont and California preparing a new dole in the form of slavery reparations – even though neither of those states permitted slavery in the first place.

Put bluntly, this will not end well. There is simply no bottom to the well of racial grievance – or the madness indulging it – and the resulting strife. We have seen this film before – in Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Iraq, and countless other places of “diversity” in which one ethnic group has been whipped into a frenzy because of the alleged injustices visited upon it by another. That they only lack because of other group’s theft. There is never a happy ending.

Events over the past few days should resolve any doubt that dissolution of this erstwhile functional society is the proper course. While the traditional American heritage articulated in the nation’s founding documents provides for peaceable and lawful resolution, that effort will not be without cost. Overcoming the resistance of an entrenched status quo will only be the first of many challenges. To join the effort, the Dissolutionist urges that you reach out to your state representatives and urge adoption of the Joint Resolution for a Constitutional Convention, available here. The time has come. Join us.

/s/ Jan Kezen, May 31, 2020. (Minor rev. 5/31/20.)